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Many problems come from birds and can make you worried. Some of those problems are significant and cannot be solved. Here is the doubt about season migratory bird, which is the characteristic and behavioral of birds traveling. The investigation in Milan, Italy shows the origin of bird prevention. Season migratory bird does not have any map for traveling, but they can go back to their origin correctly for thousands of kilometers. Different type of bird has a different principle in traveling. Some birds fly at the high level by using the warm wind stream. Pigeon traveling competition game took place in many countries around the world. The trained birds were released to travel more than a thousand kilometers in the game, and the result shows that every trained pigeon can go back to the destination origin. It is the doubt why a bird can remember the destination route although they do not have the map like human do. Lately in 1981, Massachusetts University shows the MR.C.W theory that research about pigeon is traveling. The method found that pigeons have the magnetite and fly to the destination by using the world’s magnetic field. The discovery surprised people around the world.

Applying the characteristic of magnetic wave to bird proof equipment.

The equipment can prevent birds that use world’s magnetic field as their compass. Applying the pigeon traveling theory by using the magnetite in themselves to develop the equipment. When birds face with the stronger magnetic power than the magnetite in themselves, they will avoid the area close to that magnetic field by their instinct. The equipment was created by the combination of bird instinct and sciences to develop bird proof equipment.

The experiment at Milan, Italy

Images above shows the experimentation at powder mill factory in Milan, Italy. The factory was damaged from pigeon carp. After that, they installed magnet chain bird proof equipment. (Right image shows that left side roof installed the equipment and no bird perching.)